How do I install mod_dav?

The question is a bit deceptive and not as simple as that. I'm trying to ultimately install Trac (, which is a web-based software project management package. It has wiki and bug tracking embedded and supports subversion.

My initial attempts have been to install apache-2.2.6/mod_dav-1.0.3/subversion-1.4.6 from source but ran into so many problems getting packages to configure/compile/install, that I gave up on that in lieu of RPMs.

I've installed apache-2.2.6 and subversion-1.4.3 via RPMs but now I'm trying to get mod_dav installed and it complains about apxs:

     configure: error: Your APXS installation is broken and cannot be used.
          Please see for
          more information.

Because of the complexity (by virtue of the number of dependent packages involved), I will probably need to ask additional questions as parts of overall installation tasks are accomplished.

So, with the installatino of apache-2.2.6 and subversion-1.4.3 installed via RPMs, How can I overcome the mod_dav issue described above?
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Rance_HallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is an httpd-devel package for apache 2.x, make sure you are installing the correct version of httpd-devel.

It would appear that your version of apache2 already installed so why are you trying to compile it from source?

if its installed already, just load it in your apache config, and be done?
Duncan RoeConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
Did you follow the link and get to ? Have you checked the 3 suggestions therein?
apxs is the module loader for apache 1.x

apxs2 is the module loader for apache 2.x

your web_dav configure line should have an option to specify -with-apxs2 (or something similar)

if you set this the configure wont crap out telling you that apache 1.x isnt installed when you pretty much knew that already.

apxs error you quoted means that web_dav is looking for apache 1.x and it wont be found cause you didnt install it.

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tcengineerAuthor Commented:

The httpd package does not include apxs (or apxs2). I found apxs in httpd-devel (but not apxs2). I've done a "find / -name apxs2" and it came up empty. There is no apxs2 script in either of the httpd packages.

I also ran "./configure --help" under the mod-dav source tree and it didn't show an oprion for "--with-apxs2" (only "--with-apxs").

John  88{Q
tcengineerAuthor Commented:
I did some poking around and found a directory (/usr/lib/httpd/modules) which contains the file (among lots of other ".so"s).

Does this imply I wouldn't need to compile/install the mod-dav-1.0.3 from source, but rather just modify httpd.conf to "use" the module?

John  88{Q
tcengineerAuthor Commented:

Are you reffering to the question:
    "When I try to build PHP using --with-apxs I get strange error messages."?

I looked at /usr/sbin/apxs and couldn't find any similar references to the variables mentioned. It looks like the apxs script uses pkg-config to find variables.
usually mod_dav comes with the apache 2+ sources you should not have to install that module... did you tried to enable it in apache with a2enmod ?
mjutrasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Mod_dav 1.0.3 is for apache 1.3 only
tcengineerAuthor Commented:

I have also installed the devel packages for all the dependencies I could find as well.

I found the mod_dav file after doing some poking around (see entry above). The reason I initially wanted to install all the pieces from source, is that if additional options need to be made to a particular piece of software, it could be done (this doesn't apply to mod_dav, but it does to, say, php or apache).

I am pursuing the rpm package route now and I'm working on installing the dependencies of trac, and trac itself.
Ok, if you compile apache from source, make sure you create a dummy rpm to tell the rpm database that httpd is installed so that it wont be reinstalled via an rpm update.

directions for how to do this are available for sendmail, but should work equally well for apache.

check here:

Just be warned the web sites author loathes MS Internet Explorer, and you wont be able to view the site with that browser, use a different one.

tcengineerAuthor Commented:
I've given up on trying to use source tarballs to get this functionality. There appear to be too may dependencies that I just can't get all the pieces working (compiled, installed,functioning) with other pieces.

I've installed rpms for just about everything and can't get subversion working standalone (by working, I mean accessing it via apache) nor can I get trac running.

Although I don't have a working solution, I don't want to keep this question open indefinately.

If I get closer (get some pieces working), I'll open another question to try and keep the focus alittle more narrow.

I appreciate your folks trying to read my mind and taking me in different directions to get this working.
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