Hide When For a Field

I have a field on a form that I need to put a Hide When on.

I want to hide it when it is a New Document

I want to hide it all the time if you have the role of Associate

I want you to be able to see it if it is Not a New Document, Your Role is Specialist, and Email Type = Daily Suspense.

I have tried many ways to do this and I am not getting it right.  Any help would be great.  

This is what I have so far:

@IsNewDoc | @IsMember("[Associate]";@UserRoles) | (!@IsMember("[Specialist]";@UserRoles) & Email_Type !="Daily Suspense" & !@IsNewDoc)
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Bill-HansonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your boolean logic is wrong on the second part.  If you want to use negative logic, you have to change the operators too.

Remember that (A | B) = (!A & !B).

Try this:

@IsNewDoc | @IsMember("[Associate]";@UserRoles) | !(@IsMember("[Specialist]";@UserRoles) & Email_Type ="Daily Suspense" & @IsNewDoc)
kali958Author Commented:
Just because I still have a hard time with the negative logic, basically the (A | B) (a or b) will still equal the same thing if it does not equal A and does not equal B (!A & !B).

I tried what you put and it worked great, I just had to put the ! in front of the last @IsNew Doc.  

I wish I did not struggle with this logic as much as I but I am grateful for your help on fixing it.  It nice to know there is a place I can ask questions.  Thank you!
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