How to check start time of a set and order of its sub requests (stage) via SQL script?

I have a Concurrent request set that contains several sub requests or stages. in some occasions users need to change the order of the sub requests (starting a sub request that normally starts in the middle of the set [stage 50] instead of the first sub request [stage 5]) but some times they don't reset the concurrent request set and when it runs again it starts at wrong stage and causes a lot of issues.
Therefore, I need a sql script to check the starting time of the set and starting stage/ sub request to make sure it would run currently.
Any help or advice would be appreciated,
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please provide table structure and sample data with expected output from that sample data.
kmsadrAuthor Commented:
I was using FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS but I couldn't get any information on sub-requests under the concurrent request set yet. I'm still looking for correct table to use.
I'm not sure how can I provide the sample data. But my ideal output data will be some thing like:

Concurrent_Name is scheduled (or pending) to run at 20:30:00 with sub_request_name as its first stage.
kmsadrAuthor Commented:
I found the answer to my own question:
FND_REQUEST_SETS.start_stage would have to be joined with FND_REQUEST_SET_STAGES_TL.request_set_stage_id and FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS


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