W2K3 R2 Terminal Server - Printing problem

I have a Windows 2003 Server R2 with Terminal Servicies
I had implemented port redirection as Printing solution for clients that connect via RDP

Each user  Has his own printer (all HP Laserjet) connected to their PC.
I had installed their drivers in the Terminal Server also (Obviusly)

They connect through RDP (WAN) and work in Terminal Server (printing many times without any problems)

The issue is that sometimes (for a Reason I dont know) when a printing job has more than 1 page, (for example 9), the printer (client printer) only prints 8 or 7 ramdomly

There are no errors of spooler service.
Perhaps you know something around this....

:S Im stacked!
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Ron MalmsteadConnect With a Mentor Information Services ManagerCommented:
the key to reliable printing for clients is using the EXACT print driver that they have on their machines...

for example, if they are using an HP lj2000 XP PCL 5e driver v.2.01....that is the exact driver to add to the server...

Chances are they have messed with some settings on their side, and or they are using a slightly different version of the driver...and this is what is causing the random page generation/missing pages.

download the driver for them, and put it on a cd.  Have them uninstall their printer at home, and used the driver that you have approved.

FYI  - my personal experience with TS, is that the pcl 5e drivers work best.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
also...  HP is notoriously a pain in the *** sometimes when it comes to driver file installation..

NEVER use their cd installer on terminal server.... you have to dig for the driver files themselves, and actually add JUST THE FILE to the server...   >printers and faxes folder> right-click>server properties > drivers > add a new driver and point to the files.
JuliancitoAuthor Commented:
We are performing New Installation of TS Servers. So, in a week I will tell you How it works. For Now, Thanks
JuliancitoAuthor Commented:
We reainstalled all TS Servers and follow your instructions (installing the same equal driver in servers and clients) And NOW there's no problem. :)
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