Exchange 2007 disabling/re-enabling user

I was doing some testing of rights before giving access to my techs and I tried disabling a user through the Exchange Management Console and POOF the user mailbox disappeared.  it doesn't show up anywhere.  Not even under disconnected mailboxes.

what happened??
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To speed this up you could try the Clean-mailbox powerhsell command: -

Clean-MailboxDatabase MailboxDatabaseName

Disabling a mailbox removes the Exchange attributes from the user and marks the mailbox for deletion. How long ago did you do this? I have seen it can take some time for the mailbox to show up in the disconnected area. How long is your mailbox retention setting set to. By default its 30 days.
dunersbsquadAuthor Commented:
I did it about an hour ago.  My retention period is the default 30 days.
Leave it for 24 hours and let me know. I have not found a way as yet to manually run the cleanup agent under Exchange 2007. This runs as part of the database maintenance that normally occurs once a day during the night.

Maintaining Mailbox Databases and Public Folder Databases
I've had other people with success using that command above. I know all the documentation states that it is not necessary to run this but my experience shows that this may not be entirely accurate. Similar to when people manually ran the cleanup agent under ESM in Exchange 2003.

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