Replacing failed controller & RAID-1 drive

Have a Sun v60x with a SRCZCR controller, 2 70Gb drives RAID-1 configuration, Intel Storage Console v 2.12.

Suspected failing hdd and possible bad controller.  Replaced controller, and failed hdd.

While attempting to add new hdd to array with remaining good hdd, controller BIOS kept saying the slave drive was not big enough.  They're identical Seagate ST373307L's with the exception that the good drive is factory from Sun, the new hdd is from another vendor.

Attempted to recreate array completely, received same message that the drive was too small.

Removed logical drives (I know, bad idea) and attempted to add them both back in, designating the good hdd as master.

Currently; RAID BIOS will not recognize the good drive without adding it back in as a logical device, which warns it will erase all data.  Failing drive is recognized, and will boot OK.

Need to know:
1) How to re-add the good drive to the array, as the master.  If this machine was destroyed and only the good drive remained, I should be able to add it to another system and bring the OS back up, but when I try to add it back in, it threatens to wipe it clean.

2) Once the good drive is back in the array as master, how to add new drive as slave, without the size limitation message (remember, the drives are identical).

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It's always better to add the identical drive (same factory and model....). However, if it is hard to get the one like that you can always add a bigger drive to rebuild your array.

They're identical Seagate ST373307L's with the exception that the good drive is factory from Sun....
They are not identical since coming from different factories. Controller may only see a few mb smaller from the other and you will see the error. You should try to get a bigger drive to rebuild it.


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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Kevin is right that they may be different sizes although they have the same part number, different vendors low-level format them to the size that they require. See for example.
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Actually, easier than using Linux if you put them on a Windows box using a SCSI controller rather than a RAID controller you can run seatools from seagate on them, then you can read the size of both of them and resize the smaller one to match the bigger one.
danthonyjrAuthor Commented:
tx - controller was showing the same size (in MB) but it must have actually detected slightly different sizes and you confirmed I wasn't going crazy.  Solved it with two identical drives from same shipment, but ended up having to rebuild from backups.  Will try bigger drive next time.
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