Disk Director Server won't increase the size of system partition

I am running a Windows 2000 Server on a domain (member server) with a RAID 1 (Mirror) set of drives.  I went to increase the size of the system partition using Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 and the software completed successfully, but upon reboot the drive was the same size.  Disk manager showed the drive with desired increased space, but the actual usage and space on the disk properties stays the same.

The machine is also running Blackberry server (but should not matter with disk management)

The disks show as "basic" not dynamic which is not supported by Acronis.

Any help would be appreciated!
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DId you disable the RAID before expanding ?

That could be the issue.

I hope this helps !

farrnateCTOAuthor Commented:
I can't disable the RAID without loosing data/system boot.  The whole idea is to modify partitions on active OS disks.
Repeat the re-partition using Acronis again. I had this issue before but never know what caused, redo it and it appears OK in my case.
Diskpart does this sometimes as well and has a new option to increase the filesystem size although that won't help you with the boot disk.
farrnateCTOAuthor Commented:
I have repeated the process five or six times now with no avail.  Good tip though.
If you can find a copy of fsextend.exe it might fix it, that's the program MS used before they added the extend filesystem command to diskpart. Since I can only find it on warez sites It is only 32k (I have a copy on my desktop).

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The problem is that Microsoft does not intend for the boot partition to be extended.  This is not a designed function of the OS.  That is not to imply that it is not possible but you will notice that none of the software that claims to be able to do this will guarantee the results.  It sounds like you have experienced a failure during the process.  Most likely, the only way to correct this now will be to backup, reinstall and restore.  Even if you find a way to make this look ok, I would not feel comfortable running my system on a "patched up" partition.
Gary StevensConsultantCommented:
You may find O&O Disk tools are a better option.
I too have had difficulties with Acronis and SpotMau when it came to extending the OS partition.
You will need to consider breaking the Mirror if it is Software based. When you endeavour to extend a mirror it is far more complex that a single drive.

The process I've used successfully many times.

Use all the tools to remove the mirror and replace it with a new drive. Let it all rebuild. Replace the original and let it resync. (This is an overnight process if want to be confident of the results) Down the server and pull both mirrored drives. Plug in the single new drive and run it up. If all goes well and there will be few bit to play with, down the box and run up Acronis and now try the extend again. Only have a C:\ partition on the drive is the best idea.
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