Symantec Antivirus not allow DHCP

Hi Guys
I have a Question about Symantec Network Threat Protection. I have install it on a DC 2003 64 bit and I realize that when is on the DHCP server does not assign any ip to clients. I disable it for now but I was wondering if there is a way to create an exception. If I go to change settings I can't click on configure settings.
Thank you
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hmmm Symantec Security Suites on a server yuk :)

If you logon with the admin, you should be able to configure all those settings within Symantec - it will block due to DHCP working on broadcast requests
intelglobeAuthor Commented:
That work. Somehow DHCP suppose to be allow on the smart filtering but it did not work so I add another service rule that allow dhcp so is OK now. I do not have much experience with Symantec Security Suite so I was wondering why you don't recomend it on the server. I use before for years Symantec Antivirus Entreprise installed on the sever that was managing all the clients and we just upgrade to Security suite last week.
the only reason i say it is that i am a firm follower of the, how shall i put it, reccommending that Symantec jump off a cliff path :)

I have no no good experiences with symantec - but if it works for you then great :)
intelglobeAuthor Commented:
I'm not crazy about eider but I guess it was the routine and the fact that most of our customer had it so we try to use what we support. I'm looking in to deploying AVG via Kaseya if you are familiar with so everything may change.
Thank you for your help.
wise move - might as well know the product you support - good call :)

I am Currently a McAfee Fan...but have dealt with most of them at one time or another

Pleasure, good luck :)

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