System State recovery on a different server, different hardware

We are in the process of having to rebuild Windows 2003 Server, SBE... and we do not have the ability to get an image right now on a degraded Hard we will have to build from Scratch.  We are able to get the System State Backed with (with NTBackup) and our Exchange Store.

Here's the question, if we backup System State and take this backup to our new server, (diff Hardware) when we try to recover the system state from backup we get errors.

Are there steps that should be taken on a different piece of hardware?  What are those steps... and what would be the best way to recover the system state on another piece of hardware.

Thanks for the help... The Operating system is Win 2003 SBE on both machines .... We need to recover as much as possible, we figure the System State and Exchange Store are the most critical.

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Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
 Hi cacomputerguy
       Microsoft does not support restoring the system state of a different server hardware on another. Hardware must be identical. Is previous server still alive? If yes, you can individually backup exchange store (or copy the store then mount) then restore on new hardware


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-Install the new server with the same partition layout (same number of partitions and into the same folder e.g. c:\WINDOWS)
-Start it up in Directory Service Restore mode.
-Restore system state (and C: drive if it was included in the backup; saves a lot of problems)
-Restart server with the Windows CD-ROM and choose to perform a re-install. This should install all the correct DLL's again as well as drivers for the new hardware, but preserve settings and Active Directory.
-Restart server
-Restore Exchange information store.
cacomputerguyAuthor Commented:
does reinstall mean repair....
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