Increasing maximum filezilla server speed

I have a Filezilla FTP server and am using net2ftp to host a web interface for this FTP server as well.  I need to incrase the transfer speed between the FTP server and the server hosting the FTP web interface.  This transfer is local accross a 100MB network.  When doing normal file copy between the servers they get 50MB/s without trouble but the FTP server will only get 10MB/s.

I have tested the Filezilla server with an FTP client on the local network and it also only gets up to 10MB/s.  This leads me to believe this is its speed limitation.

If you have knowledge of ways to increase the speed of the Filezilla FTP server please let me know.
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To make sure we are talking about same thing.  When you say 100 MB network what do you really mean?  By that I mean a big "B" normally means bytes and a little "b" means bits.  Network speeds are typically represented in bits per seconds.

Today a typical LAN connection would be 100 Mbps (100 million bits per second) which works out to be a theoretical max of 12 MBps (12 million Bytes per second).

Now some computers today have gigabit connections or 1000Mbps (1,000 million bits per second) which works out to be about 125 MBps (125 million Bytes per second).

So if you have a 100 Mbps LAN connection, then the best you can hope for is around 10-11 MB (got to include the overhead of networking).

If you have a 1000 Mbps LAN connection, the best you could hope for is about 120-123 MB (still got to inclulde overhead).  

Your though-put is based on the slowest network point.  From what you have said it seems that your servers may have 1000 Mbps connections, but your computer has a 100 Mbps connection, so you would be limited to 100 Mbps (or about 10-11 MBps).
IsaacKingAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the differences in MB vs Mb when posting.  Here is the information on the file transfer speeds again.

Current max network speed 100Mbps
Current FTP max transfer speed is about 1MB/s
Current normal file transfer speed over the same local network is about 60Mbps

All network cards involved are 100Mbps or higher speeds.

So the same problem exsists the FTP transfer rate is well short of the usable network speed.
Thanks, I just want to make sure that B and b weren't getting mixed up.

I just did a test and I got 90-95 Mbps using Filezilla as a FTP server.  Did you setup a bandwidth limit within Filezilla?


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IsaacKingAuthor Commented:
I have no limits setup in the server interface or for the user account I'm testing.  I just updated to the latest server version but that didn't improve the speed either.
Umm, I'm using 0.9.25 beta running on Windows XP.  

Have you tried a different client?  I used the default client that comes with the Fedora 7 distribution of Linux.
IsaacKingAuthor Commented:
I found my speed limit, it was hidding in the client.  Knowing Filezilla was capable of higher speeds was helpful.  Sometimes it's just the simple things.  Thank you.
Glad to be of help.
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