Make message template and make it available to everyone in network through exchange

I need a whole procedure figure of how to deploy outlook templates to our domain.

1. Is there a way to insert form field such as checkbox, radio button to a template?

2. After I make up the template, how do I share this to everyone in domain?

3. Can I set permission to use this template to specific user?

4. How do I add this template to toolbar? I tried to create a new toolbar and add 'Choose From' to this toolbar, but still I have to select the folder from the popup dialog where the template resides, and the newly created toolbar doesn't seem to allow me to modify text or anything. When I right-click it, nothing shows.  

I appreciate very much in advance.

Thank you,
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, Han.

1.  Yes.  For mail items, yes.  You'll need to create a custom Outlook form.  Templates and forms are different items.  A template is a blank form that's typically saved to the file system.  When opened it creates a new item using the form it was saved with.  Forms are what you see on the screen (i.e. contact items, mail items, etc.)  You can add additional controls to a form, save the form, create an item based on that form, and save it as a template.

2.  If you really want to use a template, then you can save it to a network share, send copies of it to whoever needs to have it, or distribute it like you would any other file.  You can also share forms by publishing them to certain Outlook folders or to the organizational forms library.

3.  If you go the template route, then you can use file and folder permissions to control access to each template.  If you go the forms route, then there's no mechanism I know of for controlling access.  All users have access to the organizational forms library.  I suppose you could publish the form to the personal forms library of just those staff that you want to have the form, but that'd be a lot of work and anyone who received a message using that form could extract a copy.  

4.  The answer depends on how you approach this.  Are you going to stick with forms or use templates?

crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Right now, I want to go with form because form allows certain fields with textbox. But i can't figure out how to insert dropdown and checkbow when I make a form in Outlook. How do I do this? Also, I can't still figure how to do put these forms as a dropdownlist in toolbar. Can  you help with this? I'm sorry that I'm checking this late. I was crazy catching up some projects due.

Thank you in advance.
David LeeCommented:
"But i can't figure out how to insert dropdown and checkbow when I make a form in Outlook. How do I do this?"

1.  Open the Control Toolbox (selection on the Developer ribbon).
2.  Choose the control from the control.
3.  Draw it on the form.  
4.  Connect the control to a property (done in the control properties).

"I can't still figure how to do put these forms as a dropdownlist in toolbar."
Well probably have to use a macro in conjunction with a menu.  I'll work out the details of that and get back to you.

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