How do I access data in a DataItem of repeater row on the ItemCreated event?

Hi There,

I have a boolean field in my SQL database that is displayed in a repeater as the text of a LinkButton.  I want the entire repeater row's background color to change if the value of that field is True.  I have tried to access the value from both the DataItem and the control itself on the ItemCreated event with no luck.  Here is what I have:

Protected Sub repeater_ItemCreated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RepeaterItemEventArgs)
         ' If the item is an alternating item, change the background color
        If e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.AlternatingItem Then
            Dim ThisRow As HtmlTableRow
            ThisRow = e.Item.FindControl("BodyRow")
            ThisRow.Attributes.Add("bgcolor", "#F0F5FE")
        End If
        ' If the row contains True for my database field, change the background 
        If ***** IT'S TRUE ***** Then
            Dim ThisRow As HtmlTableRow
            ThisRow = e.Item.FindControl("BodyRow")
            ThisRow.Attributes.Add("bgcolor", "#FF0000")
        End If
    End Sub

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You cannot access it there as it does not yet exist!

The ItemCreated event fires *before* the DataItem property is assigned.

You need to place the code inside the ItemDataBound event, which fires *after* the DataItem is assigned.
derekhunzikerAuthor Commented:

Thanks very much for the info.  I will go ahead and give that a shot.  In addition to having the code in the wrong place, I fear I may be accessing the DataItem incorrectly.  

In the ItemDataBound event,  would I access it like this?


Can you give me an example of how to get the boolean value into a simple if statement?

derekhunzikerAuthor Commented:
Anyone know how to access the DataItem for a specific field?
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You've got the right idea.  

Dim vwItem As System.Data.DataRowView = CType(e.Item.DataItem, System.Data.DataRowView)
Dim oValue As Object = vwItem("columnName")
'--alternatively either:
'Dim oValue As Object = vwItem.Item("columnName")
'Dim oValue As Object = DataBinder.Eval(vwItem, "column_name")
If IsDBNull(oValue) Then
  '-- Do stuff when the value is NULL --
   Dim booValue as Boolean = CBool(oValue)
   '--Do stuff when the value is true or false
End If

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derekhunzikerAuthor Commented:

At first, the CType on the first line didn't take:

ERROR: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.Common.DbDataRecord' to type 'System.Data.DataRowView'.

Changing it to the following did the trick (It must be because I'm using a repeater???)

Dim vwItem As System.Data.Common.DbDataRecord = CType(e.Item.DataItem, System.Data.Common.DbDataRecord)

Also, the last oValue was the one that worked for me.

Your a life saver!


Ah, I see.  It looks as if you are using a different datasource than I typically do.  (SqlDatasoure)  I did not think of that possibility.  But, at least you figured out what was happening easily enough.
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