convert TIFF to DWG

I scanned my signature to a TIFF file, now I would like to convert it to a DWG block.  I can insert it as a raster image reference, but there is a box around the image.  Using Scan2CAD I'veconverted the raster image to a vector DXF file, but the signature is not solid; it's polylines tracing the outside boundary of the signature.   Any help would be appreciated.
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if you want use the tiff make sure its a 2bit color tiff, that way the background will match the dwg and the sig will take on the color properties of the layer its on, you can toggle the image frame on/off with the "tframes" command

your scan2cad version can be filled with a solid hatch if the traced plines are closed, if not you can join them and that will work also.

with either one I recommend you make it a seperate block if you werent going to do that already.
if any of that wont work or is not what you were after get back to us..

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facutvivoAuthor Commented:
tried the solid hatch with the DXF file and it fills the inner portion of the letter rather than the outline.  I'll work with it a bit more

when I turn off the frame I can't select the signature to create a block.  I saved it to a DWG file though, but I want to put a grip on the signature.  Getting closer, please advise.  thank you

you could turn the frame back on to get your grips then turn em back off..thats what I have to do alot because I use wipeouts alot too.
but for an easy work around you could put a rectangle around the sig image in the block on layer "defpoints" then you will have something  to grip too but will not print. I use that method for blocks that have nothing but attributes in them too.
I made a button to run the tframes command becuase I need to use it so much.

If the hatching isnt right it almost definitely has to do with your plines not being closed, try hatching segments of it too, not the whole thing at once.
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facutvivoAuthor Commented:
By drawing a Defpoints rectangle around the frame, creating a block w/grip, bursting the block and toggling frames off I'm able to get a signature I can work with, except that the left edge of the frame shows up as a very light line.  I would attach the file as a ZIP or DWG but not allowed.  this looks good though.  thanks
"except that the left edge of the frame shows up as a very light line"
do you mean when you print or just on screen?
why are you "bursting the block"?

defpoints layer will show up on the screen if its not frozen or off, but will not print.

you know I think I'm fixin to have a big "duh" moment here.
look up "imageframe" in the help files. if you set it to 2 frames are displayed but not plotted,
DUH!, time to rework some things in my own setup...

anyway, try setting that to 2 and just using your image file without the defpoint rect. in your block and see if that will work, it would be an easier block to deal with. I would not explode the block if I could help it either, do you have a specific reason to explode it?
facutvivoAuthor Commented:
I'll remember that, but I finally just filled the dwf with solid hatch.  thanks much
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