Trying to integrate Server 2003 R2 x64 into Server 2003 Domain

I am trying to deploy a Windows 2003 Standard R2 x64 server into a domain with existing Windows 2003 32-bit domain controllers.  I followed the directions found here: but was told by adprep /forestprep that it could only be run on a Domain Controller.

From what I've read, this is not the case, I should be able to run it from the new server as long as it is joined to the domain.

Am I doing something wrong?
Christopher BeaugrandCIOAsked:
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Christopher BeaugrandConnect With a Mentor CIOAuthor Commented:
I am trying to make it an additional DC.  What I ended up doing (which contradicts the instructions found elsewhere, but seemed to work) was as follows:
Downloaded the trial version of Disc 2 of R2 from the Microsoft website, and used adprep /forestprep on the existing master DC.
This seems to have upgraded the schema to version 31.

I am going to wait for things to replicate to the two secondary DCs, then do adprep /domainprep also from the 32-bit CD on the main DC.
I believe "adprep /forestprep" does indeed have to be run on a domain controller.  In fact, I believe it has to be run on the schema master for the forest.  Are you receiving a particular error when trying to add this server?  Also, are you trying to make it an additional DC or just a domain member?
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