Have problem with start up install shield hanging......

When I start up my computer for the last couple of weeks I get a message saying that it is uploading an update (Roxio) but this just hangs and hangs - asking me to restart to complete if I select no, it just hangs, if I select yes, it just happens again (ie tries to reload).  I have followed the instructions of an earlier question relating to start up issues and have identified that the program causing the problem is the install shield.  I have tried to locate the Roxio Program to remove it (but I think it;s part of my Dragon program which is a real pain to unload and reload).  I don't think I use it for anything else.  Should / can I uninstall Installshield or am I missing something?  I have set the disable Installshield on MSconfig which has stopped the hanging / loading.  
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ElkaRaineConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After several weeks of trying to sort this problem - the Roxio removal solution didn't work - (it didn't make things worse though) -

I finally discovered through googling the error messages that the problem was caused by the Blackberry Curve software.  This was a complete nightmare and I recommend anybody in your forum downloading Blackberry Curve software looks at the widely discussed conflict issues - including the fact that Blackberry are not supporting the issue.  

Best bet would be removing roxio from the computer. There nothing wrong with install shield. It seems the update that was downloaded for roxio is not been applied.

First try to remove it add or remove. If you are not able to remove it use this tool.


remove it.

If still not able to remove install this install this


clean up tool from microsoft.

Also can try installing windows installer.



ElkaRaineAuthor Commented:
If I remove it and it IS part of Dragon, will that stop Dragon from working?  Roxio is not listed on the Add/Remove progs of the control panel.  I have found the folder in the Progs on the C drive and it is "stand alone" ie in a Roxio folder not Dragon......

Try this out

a. Click on the "Start" button, then select "Run"
b. In the run dialog box please copy and paste the following commands one at a time
listed below including the quotes and click the "OK" button after each one:
NOTE: On your PC the drive letter might be different. This will depend on which
drive you installed Easy Media Creator 7 to. If you installed it on a partition other than
the C: drive, please replace "C:" with the appropriate letter.
Regsvr32 "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Roxio Shared\\Dragon\\Dragon.dll"
Regsvr32 "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Roxio Shared\\Dragon\\DragonRs.dll"
c. After you click the "OK" button a window should appear with a message indicating
the file registration succeeded. Once you have received a succeeded message for
both files, shut down and restart your computer.

Also install windows installer.

ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
And do you get any error message.

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