HP ML350 G5 New Server arrived on today, how to check the Hardware are work okay?

My company bought HP ML350 G5 server, and it will arrived on today.

I am first time using HP's Server, any tool for a server full load test or other like that? Like the PC, HDD / 3D Mark test etc.

And how to check the Hardware like RAID HDD is work ok or not? My Server HDD are Hot-Swap able ...

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HP usually ships very good hardware.
HP has diagnostic software that will run tests on the hardware.
Could build an array with a hot spare and break the raid by pulling a drive and see the hot spare pickup, pull the original disk back in see it rebuild and the hot spare go back to a spare.

Can view through Management agents or event log or ACU(Array Configuration Utility).
Please do not pull a disk out when the server is running just to test it. It adds to the S.M.A.R.T data stored on the disk and if you do it a few times the server will start issuing pre-failure warnings when infact there's nothing wrong with it.

There is no tool available in the public domain AFAIK that can reset these data although I think HP and Seagate can erset it.
There is a set of CDs that comes with the disks labeled "Smart Start"

Boot to that CD - it will load the server deployment tasks.  one of the tasks is hardware diagnostics.  You can run the tests through loops as long as you want.  Be sure to place removeable disks in the drive(s) or they will show as failures.

As far as testing the RAID - simply configure your array and go.  HP's management agent will let you know when things may occur, or after they do.  If your RAID Configuration is redundant enough for your environment (some sort of mirroring or striping, hopefully) you ought to be able to have enough time to survive to call HP.  They offer next day business advance replacement on most parts on a standard warranty.  Be sure to configure e-mail alerts for the hardware failures and you should be good to go

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questions1979Author Commented:
Thank you...

I have try follow your suggestion. But Where the HP's Management Agent? It is on the PSP or Management CD or it have a full name?

And how to test the server for some Full load sample before make in on the product environment? Like 3D Mark etc? But they are for gaming ...
questions1979Author Commented:
OR any FULL Load stress sample test Tools?

Thank you.
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