Problem locating other stations on the network

I have a network of 15 station 4 win2000 servers and the rest win 2000 professional and on WinXP Home edition. One of the Win 2000 server is the domain manager.
Recently I have added a windows 2003 server and a Win XP Pro station to the domain. The 2003 Server has a fixed IP and the other uses DHCP. I can access other stations from newly added machines, however, when accessing files on other stations it seems that the connection is lost and it is trying to establish new connection all over again. To give you an example, say from windows explorer I access a shared folder on the network and I am able to see the content of the shared folder.
After 10 minutes if I try to open a file on the shared folder, I have to wait for the Win XP to find the location all over again and then open the file (I get the hour glass for 10-15 seconds).
I experience similar behavior from the new Win Server 2003 but less frequently than the Win XP Pro.
It seems that the connections are not cached and/or lost. All windows 2000 servers and stations see and access each other with no problem. How can I fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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optionscConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Confirm your DNS setting on the DHCP server/source, the new XPP workstation and 03 server may be haviing difficulty resolving computer/share names and thus disconnecting because of name resolution issues.
See if this articel helps. Windows 2000 disconnects share resources by default after 15 min.

nbandariAuthor Commented:
optionsc I think you are right I had set DNS for my 2003 server but not for the XP. I just set the DNS for my XP and will see if this does the trick. Thanks.
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