How do I disable Office 2007 automatic telephone number formatting?

Recently my organization began using an outlook/CRM synchronization tool.  The CRM telephone number data requires no extra characters in the telephone and fax numbers.  When we download the data to outlook, outlook adds the " ( ) " to the numbers and then uploads them back  to the CRM effectively corrupting the data .  The data is still usable in the CRM, just not a couple of specific areas.  

Is it possible to disable outlook 2007's automatic telephone number formatting.   I have seen a number of questions/answers relating to starting the process again once it has stopped! But nothing that would suggest a way yo turn the 'feature' off.  Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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cycle303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, I do not think there is a way.  I have seen a couple of bad conversations between customers and microsoft about changing this.
michaeltullAuthor Commented:
There was no solution
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