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Email Message Archiving with Exchange - What products / options?

My client has MS exchange 2003 running on one of their two Windows 2003 Servers.

Some users have ammased many emails (e.g. 20000).
They don't just want to delete them all because some will be needed, but they would like to be able to archvie them somewhere.

e.g. so if they need to retreive a particular email for a court case that happened four years ago - they could find it, but it's not in their normal email inbox.

Ideally an appliance that makes it very easy to plug into the network and handle the arhviing but open minded to any suggestions of tried and tested solutions.

(A sub questions is I would also welcome this on my own Outlook - 5 years worth of emails spread across many PST files but it would be nicer if there was some better tool with better search features then PST - maybe for another thread tis sub question).

3 Solutions
First thing is to put quotas on these mailboxes to stop the the very large from growing larger.  Next, if you have archived e-mails to pst files, then you should do an offline defrag of the database, just one time to recover the white space in the exchange database.  Do not do this very often, but in this case since you only have 3GB left, it is your best bet.  Once they archive these e-mails into a PST file, they should no longer count against the mailbox size once you do the offline defrag.  Unless MOST of your users have mailboxes the size of the 8GB, the method of using the PST for archived mail works fine, you only have 60 users.  The quotas is the most important thing.  In terms of the attachments, you may want to look at a third party app like http://www.office-addins.com/-outlook-addins/attachments-processor.html

Microsoft does not recommend nor support pst files on a network share on a local PC.  That is where they should stay.  The following will help in finding those pst files.  http://www.windowsitpro.com/MicrosoftExchangeOutlook/Article/ArticleID/52990/52990.html
Talking off of the top of my head -- you could create a Mailbox called "archive" -- setup all of user accounts to have all of their messages forwarded to this account.  I would hide this account the Global Address Book, and possibly place it on it's own hard drive.  I think one of your challenges will be backing that data up, but you can determine how often you will need to do that.  If you need specifics on how to do this let me know.  Once again, I work at a School so e-mail is not that critical to me, so I've never tried this.  
I use this product and love it.

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First, I wonder how jdera figured out how much space you have left.

Does your client require that the archive be Sarbanes Oxley compliant?  If so then you need an off-site archiving service with 5 year retention.  If this is not the case, then I recommend the GFI Mail Archiver.
I agree, GFI have very good, easy to use and pretty cost effective products. Stay away from the PST!
Also, GFI is Sarbanes Oxley 'friendly', it offers archiving to SQL or in-built databases and will allow you to setup your backup/off-line archive strategy.
afflik1923Author Commented:
This GFI seems like the right product for what I was looking for. Thanks for the the suggestions but putting limits on mailboxes sizes etc. probably ends up more admin and support then it is worth.

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