Discrete Parental contol software - Does this exist - or good value appliance


Have a situation where a client would like parental control software on their home network. They do not want to install it directly on their childs laptop (14) because it would be viewed as "uncool" so they were hoping they could have something on the network which would track websites visited and be able to ban some.

Note I know some routers have this function but their Netgear DG834N seems not to.

Does a reasonable appliacne exist that can be plugged into the network /router that does this or is there some software which can be installed onto the PC that is discrete?

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murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is possibly more high end than they want to go but it will get you started. I deployed this for a city government and it is slick.

sonicwall is a popular choice among schools and libraries
A cisco pix with websense would work, but I think your choices are limited without deep pockets.
Without client software, I would suggest restricting internet access to their PC and only allow a Remote Desktop session on another PC with the auditing software on it..
For instance, if you had Vista (parental control included) and allowed them to remote into their account, you would be able to see and monitor surfing activity.
afflik1923Author Commented:
Still waiting on feedback from end user but seemed like a good choice and good software.
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