Load .htm file in code behind and place the contents in a textbox

I don't think my code is right because I'm loading .txt file I think.

I basically want to load the file Terms.htm and place the contents in tTerms.Text. Thanks.
Dim TermsFile As String = Server.MapPath(Terms.htm")
     Dim objStreamReader As StreamReader 'Create a streamreader class
     'open the file
     objStreamReader = File.OpenText(TermsFile)
       Dim strContents As String = objStreamReader.ReadToEnd()
       tTerms.Text = strContents
      Catch exc As Exception
       tTerms.Text = "Error!!!"
      End Try

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Try this example:

Public Shared Sub Main()
        Dim path As String = "c:\temp\MyTest.txt"

                  Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(path)

            'This allows you to do one Read operation.
            Dim strContents As String = sr.ReadToEnd()
       tTerms.Text = strContents

                Catch e As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub

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I'm guessing you want to take an existing HTML file, then /remove/ all the HTML tags.
In that case, this funtion might be handy...

Public Function StripTags(ByVal HTML As String) As String
    ' Removes tags from passed HTML
    Dim objRegEx As _
    Return objRegEx.Replace(HTML, "<[^>]*>", "")
End Function

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