Setting up multiple fax #'s

Hi guys,

So basically we are in need of getting more faxes machines (and more fax #'s). Basically I am wondering if there is a way in Server 2003 (or some other tool) that I could use to route faxes to certain printers based on the fax # used?

I have fax # of 555-555-5551 and # 555-555-5552. If someone sends a fax to the 5551 # I want to print to printer-1 and if they fax to the 5552 # have it print out to printer-2.

How would I go about setting something like this up? I assume I will have to install more modems (which we are planning on getting probably 4 more lines, and I dont have 4 more PCI slots, so is there something that I could use to plug in multiple fax lines)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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GFI Fax Maker has some great features, check it out:

And no you do not have to have Exchange.
mikeaman25Author Commented:
I will check that out... I do have Exchange BTW. Also do you know off hand if GFI works with hardware? Basically we have a lot of people that "mark up" paperwork that they need faxed, so something that is purely software based wouldnt work as that would mean they need to scan then send a fax (adds an extra step).

What I need is to setup a fax machine in each department (about 4) and allow people to use those to send faxes, and have the system print to specified printers (in those departments) based on the #'s that they are sent to.
The way GFI Faxmaker works is that faxes come in and can be directed to email recipients through exchange, or sent to printers, using fax rules including phone lines numbers, OCR recognition of differing aspects of the fax such as names etc.  Outgoing is done as simple as emailing.  Still have regular fax machines for difficult faxes or scan and email the fax your choice.  Supports multiple numbers on indiidual modems, fax boards etc.  It is very important to use hardware recommended by GFI to get the best quality fax possible.  Great product.
Also look at zetafax  It looks like similar features as gfi fax maker.  Similar price, too.  But I haven't done detailed head-to-head.  
We use it like you describe with the markup.  Our people run the Zetafax Client, hit "Acquire Image" which drives the scanner to scan in documents...then enter fax number, type in cover page info if desired, and hit send.  It also has the exchange hooks but I don't use those.  You may want to forget about the fax machines and just get decent scanners on semi-shared pcs.  Works well for us...cheaper and more reliable than many fax machines.
Also, it can have multiple modems that direct to certain printers, like you describe.  
You might not be looking for fax services, but I would recommend you check out eFax.  I am a user of their service and very happy with it.

I can think of two problems your scenario creates, that eFax would solve.

One is the lines.  If you are using the lines themselves as the "identity" for routing the fax, that means you can't have them hunt.  So if fax number 5551 is busy, your routing purposes would require that it can't receive another call, even though 5552 might be available.  If you didn't require this, then you could have the phone company have the calls arrive at the first available line instead of giving a busy signal.  A service like eFax can take an essentially unlimited number of calls on the same phone number at the same time because each fax number isn't a physical "line" in the first place.

Second, since a service like eFax would e-mail you a .PDF of each fax, complete with the caller ID and the number dialed, your solution boils down to how to print the faxes based on the subject line and/or recipient of the e-mail.  That seems to me to be the sort of thing you could do with nothing more than Outlook's Rules Wizard.

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