How to enable access to Se_Debug_Name privelege for Administrator

Hi Everyone
I wanted to kill a process using Task manager but am getting "Access Denied" error everytime i try to kill it.
I believe this is happening because Administrators do not have "Enabled" access on Se_Debug_Name privelege.
I wanted to know how to grant this privelege to the Administrator account by way of a script or a tool or a registry edit..
Also one solution is to bounce the box which would be the last resort.

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Unfortunately it is not as easy as you suggest.

Granting privileges is a two stage process:

1.  You adjust the security policy to allow the account access to the privilege
2.  You write code that requests the privilege for the current process.

(1) is easy to achieve, but (2) requires a dedicated program.  This is something I've done for exactly this purpose but it is not something I have access to now.

You may find that a tool is more appropriate.  See this page for a tool and source code:

To grant the SE_DEBUG_NAME privilege see here:  Different approaches are common depending on whether or not the account is in an AD domain, however you may find you already have been granted access to the privilege.
siddharthapartiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.
The tool from the first link is not working on the Windows 2003 server.
I can exceute it on Windows XP but not on Windows 2003 server.

For the other options there are some C/C++ codes which I have to compile and make executables....
ANy other ideas are welcome..
What error do you get on the server?  Is it that the user doesn't have access to the permission (quite possible because a different set of security permissions are applicable) or does it say that required DLLs are missing?

A general error may well be because of the missing permission.  Does your account have access to the SE_DEBUG_NAME privilege on the server?  Check in Local Security Policy and/or GPOs if you are not sure.  The Group Policy Management tool may be useful to see the actual security being used on the server.
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siddharthapartiAuthor Commented:
I am using my domain admin credentials. There is no error. Just doesn't create any icon. Doesn't just fire the exe. Have checked Task manager as well.

Have tried this on multiple Win2k3 servers in my environment but it's not working on any one of them.
I will have a look at the the GPO applied on the servers and see if I can find out the problem.

What's the best way of checking the SE_Debug_Name privilege ?
The way to check is to look at the effective security policy in the Local Security Policy.

Try this tool:  It specifically mentions Windows 2003 support.

The following link describes adding the Debug privilege in XP.  The process is the same in 2003:

The only exception is when a group policy object overrides the settings in the local policy.  Let me know if this solution doesn't help and we can go through the alternative.

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siddharthapartiAuthor Commented:
Worked like a charm...Just granted myself access Debug program and was able to kill the process in Taskmanager.
Thanks for your help....
No problem.  Glad it's sorted :)
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