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Does Rhombus has 2 pairs of parallel sides?

This is Fifth Grade Math Question.

This is what a Math Book says:

Parallelogram - 2 pairs of congruent sides
                         2 pairs of parallel sides

rhombus -  4 congruent sides
                  2 pairs of congruent angles

Doesn't rhombus also has 2 pairs of parallel sides?
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2 Solutions
From the wikipedia page on Rhombus(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhombus)

"In geometry, a rhombus (from Ancient Greek å̼²¿Â - rrhombos, rhombus, spinning top), (plural rhombi or rhombuses) or rhomb (plural rhombs) is an equilateral quadrilateral. In other words, it is a four-sided polygon in which every side has the same length.
In any rhombus, opposite sides are parallel. Thus, the rhombus is a special case of the parallelogram. One analogy holds that the rhombus is to the parallelogram as the square is to the rectangle."

Both the book, and your statement are correct.  

"rhombus -  4 congruent sides
                  2 pairs of congruent angles"

that implies that there are two sets of parallel sides, all of which are the same length.  A rhombus can be made by distorting a square, into a diamond shape.

yes, a rhombus is also a parallelogram
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