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Can someone please post the code for validation of a domain in a flash CFFORM. I was hoping the CFML for CFFORM would have an option for this but not that I can find. I only want to allow for certain domains so for example only email addresses

The below is the current code for the cfinput tag I am using. Any help is greatly appreciated.
<cfinput type="text" name="reqEmail" width="300" label="Email:" validate="email" required="yes" message="You must supply your email or the address given is in the wrong format.">

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Mr_NilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll need to write a custom actionscript function to validate your form field on submission of the form.

Flash CFForms are basically mini Flex applications, so using <cfformitem type="script"> you can insert your custom function to validate the field either onchange of the cfinput or onsubmit of the cfform.

I would suggest writing an actionscript function to do a regex match of the field value against a custom expression that meets your specific needs and domains. will give you information on regex for email addresses. should give you some pointers to writing a function to do the regex comparison
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