Web Hosting: IIS6: Websites Not Showing Up

I'm about to change my web server from one Win 2003 server to a new and separate box on the same router.  The server that presently hosts my webs is a DNS Server, and AD Domain Controller, the Router port 80 is forwarded to the Static IP of the Server and it works fine.  I manage the DNS via GoDaddy.

On the new box which is running on the same router.  

I change the port forwarding to point to the new server box static IP.  The new box is also a webserver  DNS server, (not dynamically updated) , has IIS6 running..  The web page won't show up on the internet.. I cant view it from outside the network even when the router points to the box.  

can someone make a suggestion what I could be doing wrong?  I'm not changing any setting on the DNS but because the new server was created on a separate domain with a DNS and Domain Controller does something need to propagate to the Godaddy DNS?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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You said you can't view it from outside, can you from inside?
Did you configure host headers on the new server?
Make sure that on GoDaddy the IP of the record is set to point to your router. In your router make sure that port 80 and 443 (if you are using SSL) is set to point to the right IP address of the new server.  If you point from the router to the IP address there is nothing to propagate because it's not running trough the DNS server. Also you need to add the TCP/IP headers in the new IIS header:
yourdomain.com port 80
www.yourdomain.com port 80

kibbsAuthor Commented:
This is a clean and brand new box, newly installed OS.  Host headers are fine.. port forwarding is fine.. I've got Symantec Endpoint and Windows Firewall installed (Goddamn Hacker Infestation)

I think it might be the firewall, for example I couldnt connect a client until I disabled the firewall..
How to configure Windows Firewall with a Web Server?  

Any ideas?  
just add port 80 and 443 as exceptions and you should be fine. try to disable the firewall first and view the website from external network. if that works it's defenatly the firewall if it's still not working then the windows firewall is not the problem

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