Need an external network monitoring program... monitor by service, not snmp

Hi All,

I'm looking for an external network monitoring program that I could install on my own Linux or Windows server. External, in that I'd like to monitor remote systems across the Internet without needing to rely on SNMP or the presence of any agent running on the monitored computers. In a perfect world, this program would meet the following requirements.

- Open source
- Downtime notifications by email, pager, SMS, or phone call... a phone call would be my ideal.
- I can define the polling frequency
- Checks against specific services can be run, e.g., DNS, SMTP, IMAP4, WWW, FTP, etc without using SNMP or an agent

I'm familiar with many internal network monitoring programs, OpenNMS, Nagios, Zenoss, and commercial programs like OpenView, Solarwinds Orion, Big Brother, etc.. but maybe not enough... I'd ideally like recomendations and specific links to pages that show the program is close to (though exactly would be great ;-) what I'm looking for.

Bernie SalvaggioIT ManagerAsked:
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Not OPenSource but freeware and might work for you...

You need no clients on the monitored PCs, can check any IP Port, i.e. SMTP, FTP etc. The client is just for other PCs remote monitoring.

Anyway... might help.

Chris GralikeSpecialistCommented:
Idealy i would recommend Nagios to do this for you. Its very scalable, uses the actual service (protocol based instead of socket based querying). Allows you to control polling interval, server / service dependancies (no use polling anything if your internet is down). Allows for mail notification (and thus sms if you use the public mail > sms services). It has reporting functionality, allows you to put the data in either an SQL database (for different reporting tools like crystal) or plain file. And allows for own implementations if you can do some BASH / Perl / C / PHP or what ever scripting. Its open source and free for download...

Might be a bit hard to configure at first but great manuals and examples are included in the package...

Hope this helps, and Regards...

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Hi there,
Take a look at its what I use at work, they have free versions as well as ones that you pay for. Its a very nice way of using the nagios system. Its easy to install and even easier to configure. It can use wmi, snmp or agents or even a combination. It can accommodate other apps into its interface, things like cacti etc... Anywho have a look and see what you think, if you do choose to go down the groundwork path let me know if you need any help...
Bernie SalvaggioIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll be looking closer at these programs in the next few days and will get back soon.
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