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Need advice on results of NetBench benchmark on our server

I get the following numbers when running NetBench 7.0.3 on our Dell PowerEdge 2900 server running SBS 2003 R2 - are these good or bad ?:

- Disk mix test (on Raid5 disks): 5.5Mbps total throughput  /  0.6ms average response time
- Nic test: 512b:1560Mbps / 1K:2770 / 2K:4443 / 4K:6425 / 8K:8193 / 16K:9470 / 32K:10409 / 64K:10986
(Netbench was run with 1 controller (server) and 1 client (Optiplex with Gb Nic) connected by a Gb switch)

Called Dell but they can not give me any comparison chart or reference to other benchmark results.

Server configuration:
Dell PowerEdge 2900 with 2 Quad-core 2.0Ghz Xeon, 4Gb Ram, Nic 1Gb, Perc5i ctrl, 7 Scsi 15k rpm (C: on 2 x 73Gb  Raid 1, D: (data) on 4 x 146Gb Raid5, 1 hot spare)

Can give more details if necessary on the Netbench and server parameters.
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1 Solution
5.5mb/s on your disks?  That sounds very very low to me.  

See the following page for information on network throughput http://www.stratus.com/email/cnwltr/supdocs/noahjun.htm

The formatting of your benchmarks makes it hard to read in text.
ndidomenicoAuthor Commented:
Any idea of the disk throughput I should be expecting from this machine ?

Here is a differently formatted table for the NIC tests:

Request  Throughput   Avg.Response
Size         MBits/sec      Time (ms)
512          1559.155     0.002
1K            2771.221     0.002
2K            4443.236     0.003
4K            6424.299     0.004
8K            8192.282     0.007
16K          9470.431     0.012
32K        10409.308     0.023
64K        10986.887     0.044

Is this throughput "normal" for a Gigabit card ?

10,986 mbit/s is almost 11gbit, which your NIC obviously isn't..., so I am still not understanding what the benchmark program is reporting.  Your response time looks decent across the various frame sizes.

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