Windows Update Error 0x801901F6

Hi Experts,
i'm having a prob with only 1 Computer on the Network. It's impossibile to install Service Pack 2.
I have tried all the possible following comment. it's still not working

this one as well .

What can be wrong?
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If you have already attempted to install could be being blocked by that if so use windows clean up utility to uninstall tehupdate then reboot and try again.

Little bit tricky without the full error you are getting to track the error
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
could you please help out?
Happy to help if i can when you start the xpsp2 upgrade what error message do you get?
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If you go to the following directory


Is there a spuninst.exe.

if so run this and click remove to make sure you have a clean machine
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
i have downloaded Service Pack 2 installed on all the network clients... there are 2 that are having this problem.
All i did was double clicked on the icon... then it starts unzipping all the files in a folder. At the end it stops and all i have to do is click OK
i tried to use Windows Update for the Start Menu and the following error appears
impossible to display the page error message 0x0801901F6
support "Self-Help online"

The folder C:\windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\ does not exist

Has the computer been thoroughly checked for Malware and viruses?

For Malware, Superantispyware:               
and ...
"Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner":   
Ideal for scanning online, using "Safe Mode with networking".      

Kaspersky's free to try, online virus scanner:

Here's a good article on 'Preparing to Install SP2' and covers a number of aspects >
Have the machines got windows installer 3.1 on them? that could prevent this from happening, if they havent install the below and try again.
if you have then make sur eyo uadd windows update to the list of trusted sites on the machiens in order for you to install using the update method

3. Add Windows Update to the Trusted Sites Zone.  
You must set the security settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer to Medium or lower for ActiveX files to correctly pass to your computer. When you lower the security settings, you affect only the Web sites that are listed in the Trusted Sites Zone of Internet Explorer. Your current security settings for all other Web sites remain as they are currently configured.

To set the security settings in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:a.  In Internet Explorer, click Tools, click Internet Options, and then click Security.
b.  Click Trusted Sites Zone, and then click Sites.
c.  Clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone check box.
d.  In the Add this Web site to the zone: text box, type http://*, and then click Add.
e.  Click OK.  
f.  Click Custom Level, and then click Enable for the following items:" Download signed ActiveX controls.
" Download unsigned ActiveX controls.
" Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe.
" Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
" Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.
g.  Click OK two times to exit Internet Properties.
>error message 0x0801901F6<

Is this computer(s) running a MS Firewall?  If yes, you could try temporarily disabling it.   If problem resolved, perhaps the Firewall requires an update.
Also, try Dial-a-fix ( Check "Fix Windows Installer:", "Fix Windows Update:", and "Fix SSL/HTTPS/CryptSvc:". Click "GO".
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Slam69: i have tried all the things you wrote... it's still not working
Jonvee: There are no viruses detectd, it's a good article, but it did not help though..the firewall is disable.
i will try oranutang later and will revert back
thanks guys
Im going to be brutally honest with you the amount of time you have probably spent fiddling with it now you probably could have reformatted and installed, is this an option?

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Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
i could have done it... as this computer has specific softwares' installed and being used everyday. it will be a bit difficult for me to do it as i don't have the installation disks :(
may be i will hve to wait for a couple of weeks or more to obtain them..
the main thing is, the computer belongs to the boss... i better not mess with it
Other option you could try would be to do a repair install and the try and put sp2 onto the top of this, it wont affect the applications installed just reinstallt he system files could jump start it.

if you dont have an xp disk which you can do to perform a repair install go to teh site below that corresponds to yoru current system. Burn this to disc and then boot from teh disc.

perform a repair install and then try putting sp2 back onto the machine

Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Note Windows XP CD-ROMs that include SP1 have the text "Includes Service Pack 1" on the CD-ROM.

For information about the Setup boot disk versions that are available for download, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:
Windows XP Home Edition SP1 (

Windows XP Professional SP1 (
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
i did try with the WinXp Pro Service pack 2. it said that i have to do a new installation. i have both CD's i will try the one as well.
thanks again
These disks dont allow you to upgrade only to install.

From teh install screen though you can repair. it could be something has gone a bit aquiffy with windows and thats whats blocking the sp2 update. Repair install the current installation then xpsp onto the top of that once its complete
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Hello Guys,
i have been trying everything.. It still doesn't work...
Orangutan : i tried the link you sent... i received an error message wrong version "gmgr.dll"

i have noticed that i am not the only one having this problem... check the follwoing link
Try running:
sfc /scannow
You'll need your Windows XP CD.
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Ok... which one Windows Xp Service pack 1 or windows Xp service pack 2?
Service pack 2
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Hello Orangutang,
i do apologise for the delay. i have been trying many times... it seems all the files are inact. unfortunate i still cannot update windows. What else can be done now?
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Hi guys,
i will format the HD tomorrow. thanks for your help
@ modus_operandi,

With respect, and on 02.14.2008 at 09:04 am GMT, slam69 actually recommended a reformat, stating the idea as follows >
<quote>   Im going to be brutally honest with you the amount of time you have probably spent fiddling with it now you probably could have reformatted and installed, is this an option?  <unquote>

Hope that helps.
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
As a matter of fact, you are right. The reason I split the point is because all these guys spent their time trying to solve the problem. From my point of view, I assume its fair to share the point. Now if this is not feasible, reopen the question and I will do it accordingly.
@ Jocelyn,

On behalf of all of us, thanks for your thoughts!  
Your philosophy of points sharing is also very fair.  As the thread is still open maybe it's prudent now to wait for another comment by the moderator.

Hope the format went well!
Jocelyn_r64Author Commented:
Hello Modus operandi,
what do you mean by "Please initiate your split"?
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