.xls and .csv (What is the difference)

Hi Friends,
I was wondering what is the difference technically in a .xls file and a .csv file format.
How are the two different? I know csv is comma separated variable but what exactly does that mean ..Is it a binary file or a what !!
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csv is a text file. It can be opened by Notepad or Wordpad. xls is the file extension for Excel workbook file. It is a binary file and can not be viewed by a text editor.
As mentioned above, xls is a file for Excel data to be stored in. csv on the other hand is mainly used to export and import data from / to programs like excel. It doesn't have any formatting.

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csv is like txt file but the defferent that if you opened it with excel will gain some features like the xls files so for that its a usefull extention with some kind of tools like csvde and ldifde also use this link for more details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values
As stated above, it's a text file that's separated by commas.  Can be opened with notepad, wordpad, or excel.

I've always used CSV files when writing mass amounts of data so I can can store the values in a format that can be easily recognized by both excel and access when importing the data.  Works wonders for access as all you have to do is set your delimiter to comma and your imported table is complete.
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Thanks Guys
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