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printer creating sessions on the server


This isnt causing any problems so im sorry if this seems a bit pointless, its just annoying me a little. all the printers are installed on 1 server with windows 2000 installed, my problem is when i add a printer to my machine it creates a session1 of that printer on the server. this only happens on my machine, ive added different printers for most clients and it doesnt happen.all the operating systems are running xp. like i said everything works fine but it is a bit annoying.

thanks for any help
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anyone got any ideas please??
still looking for ideas :(
I am seeing the same thing on a new print server, did you ever get this resolved?
afraid not, never had an answer :(
i am also wondering for an sollution....
It seems that these sessions are created when I use remote desktop into the print server. They seem to be related to terminal services. Other users that don't remote desktop into the print server do not get these sessions created. So is this normal??
i looked into that when it started happening to me, only problem is i tried adding the printer from the 'add printer' option from my control panel like the other pc's and it still happens. doesnt happen on the others tho :(
i got the sollution on my own awnser,

go to administrative tools and start up terminal services configuration
click connect, and open the rdp-tcp properties, go to client settings and remove the mark before "use connection settings from user settings", and remove the mark before "connect client printers at logon"

this solved my problem

is this what ur looking for, and does this solve ur problem?
hi bdooper
thanks for you post, tryed that and its still happening for me :(
This solution did not work for me. I still see these sessions being created. The only Terminal Server use I have is to remote desktop into the server for management. The biggest announance is the amount of event id's it creates in the system event log.
you had any luck with this drovai?

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drovai, your an absolute star :) thanks really appreciate that, it was really beginning to annoy me. cant believe how easy that was to fix!!!