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L80 tape drives


I have a L80 tape libery and i want to put a few more tape drives in to it. The tape drives i want to use are LTO3 if possible connected to a netapp filer through wide scsi.

However there seem to be loads of different LTO2 drive types. does any one know what drive i would need. or waht compnay in the UK i could go to?

the current LTO2 drives i have are  HP Ultrium 2-SCSI. What would the equilivent LTO3 drive be?

THank you

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Hello DevilWAH, only supports up to LTO2 sorry :(


HP Ultrium 2-SCSI is HPs branding of LTO2 - you can but them in the UK from Dabs
TDK is about the cheapest

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that document was written when the L80 was first produced and LTO3 didnt exist. I am trying to find out if it was now possible to use LTO3 in them. Seeing as the NETapp filer can handle LTO3 drives and the tape drives are connected direct to the filer and LT80 only does the physical loading of the drives. I thought maybe it can use LTO3 drives now?

And i was looking at a place to buy the drives not the tapes. however i have found out that one of my contacts can get hold of any tape drive i need :)

any way thanks for the info

Oh just looking and it does seem possible to upgrade to LTO3 drivers :) jsut need to find out how to get the right ones as they have a readable face plate so the L80 can scan them and load tapes in to them.

if the hardware device is not LTO3 in your exisiting library you cant put an LTO3 tape in an LTO2 drive - it wont wont work
I know that!!

I am talking about buying LTO tape drives for the L80!

If you read my question you will see i said i want to buy more tape drives. not more tapes!

I appricate your help but I think you have missed the point of my question


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