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RDC Connection limited to 2

i have two boxed at the office running windows 2003 standard that i have configured to all rdc connection through our firewall from remote locations. the problem is that i can only have two connections to each box at a time. when i go to the terminal services configuration properties and try to increase my connections above 2 i get a message telling me that i have RDC set up in the default mode and the maximum number of connections allowed is 2. is there anyway to change this? it is very restrictive to only allow 2 connections in the box and i need to increase that number if at all possible.
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Hi Scott,
Here is a link which has a Terminal Services DLL that will make it possible to have multiple connections.

Please let me know if this helps you.

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looking at the information on that site concerns me with trying to implement this on a windows 2003 box. the hack says that it works specifically on windows xp and mce but does not mention 2003.
How many connections do you need? 2 is the normal amount without buying terminal server licenses. Perhaps you need to look at that.

i did not purchase any terminal server licenses when i set up the boxes with 2003. is that the problem, is this just a licensing issue?
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it is mainly for system deployments that we have to work on and outside developers that have to access the system during deployment.
Well I think you will need terminal server licenses. The rdc you are using is only for admining the server..