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Error loading device access denied

re-fromatted &Installed XP Home, everything ok. then went to manufacturers site and down loaded all drivers. after installing graphics driver the machine went to screen which asked me to go to safe mode and in noral mode just keeps rebooting.. i had to go to last know config to get in.
After this i could not load any drivers as the message kept coming up access denied.
machine is a HP Pavillion model

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Aaron Street
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go in to safe mode and uninstall the graphic card drivers

does it now boot ??

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yes it will boot now
ok try a differnt version of the graphic card drivers

you should be able to get hold of eairlir versions on the manafactures web site

see if they work..

if they do you wont seem much difference in proformance. and then wait till a new version is released.

You may want to try installing the same ones again to see if it was a one of install problem..

however if you can get a slightly earlier version to work i would use them, wait for update and see if thoses ones work..

Out of all drivers i have found graphic cards are the ones you some times get a problem with. but the proformance issuse between versions is often next to nothing..

Also make sure you ahve the correct version for your chipset on the graphic  card...
tried to re-install by using automatic search, and it loaded the same driver and went wrong again.
I have removed the driver but it keeps reloading itself when i boot back up? (new hardware found)
What next?
go in to add remove programs and remover the driver from there!

when it says new hardwear found cancel and chose not to install hardwear in the future. (you have to be quick)

make sure you uninstall in safe mode if possible.

and like i said dont trust automatic serch. try to find a different version of the drivers and uses them..

automati sech can find the wrong drivers, espicaly if you ahve already installed the wrong ones once (not saying you have but be aware.)
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download the driver from here :
put it in a place you know, and unzip it if needed
then boot insto safe mode, open device manager, and under View click show hidden devices;
uninstall all the video drivers, then in control panel select new hardware, and do not let it search, point it to your driver
then reboot and test
Nope! that didn't work either.... it just keeps looping back to the startup and then to safe mode option screen.. i have to log in now in safe mode and remove the driver... :-(
in safe mode, run sfc /scannow
What will that do?
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Aaron Street
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I have closed the question as it was a customers machine with onboard graphics which is what i had a problem with. however i put a new card in to resolve.

Thanks for your comments.

Force accepted.
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