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Terminal server manager session cannot be reset

We have a windows 2003 server, sp 2,  that we use as a terminal server. this server repeatedly stops responding to new RDP sessions and requires a reboot to allow for new requests. we have about 20 users that could try logging in, not that they will all try at the same time (?), but only have 5 user licenses.

however lately we noticed this server stops responding to new requests after working fine for a couple of days. when this happens we have to reboot the server and sometimes do so twice before new connections are allowed. before the first reboot, when checking the terminal server manager mmc, we see 5 sessions labeled "down (1)" - (6). none of them can be reset as they state error 7024, the server is busy processing another connect request.

we do have 30 min poilices set for both the session disconnect as well as the time out, and know employees use the rpd session and possiby do not log out, but instead allow for one of these 2 time policies to possibly take effect. we also have user account access hours set that kick all users off the server at 12 am.

my question is, what could be causing this hang of the terminal server, what are the "Down sessions" we see and what's causing them? checking the event log shows nothing that we can identify as problem causing.

any help pointing us in a general direction to help us troubleshoot and resolve this issue is greatly appreciated!
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well i installed this service. now we have to wait, shouldn't be more than a week, to see of we get the same issue. it tends to happen over the weekends when it does.
Let us know how you make out. Perhaps in the mean time others will have some additional recommendations.
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for now it looks like this tool took care of the issue. i'll update this thread if it happens again though.

We'll keep our fingers crossed. Thanks daya88.
Cheers !
I am having the same problem as stated above. It seems as if the person never said if the fix worked. I already have the UPH cleanup service installed before this problem ever happened & the service is running. In my case, I have win 2003 server R2 installed & the down sessions will reach up to 128 then not allow anyone else to login through rdp. In the picture attached, there are a total of 68 down sessions and my terminal server is really slow. The only fix I have right now is to restart the server and these down sessions will all be gone, until they build up again in a few days. Also, if I right click on a down session to reset the session, it will not allow me to. The error says: "Session (x) reset failed. Error 7024 - The requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy procession a connect, disconnect, reset, or delete operation." Please let me know if you can think of anything. There has to be a fix for this but this is the only post that came close to my problem, with no resolution posted.

P.S. (All critical and personal data was changed in the picture and server names were changed to protect the innocent).