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how to to remove a a filter or unfilter a recordset

i  introduced a filter to a recordset,
take an exemple Rs.filter="payDate=#"+ dtpicker.value + "#"

however , down in the program codes, i need to remove the above filter  and introduce another filter or otherwise, operate on the whole recodset data. how do i do that? i tried recordset methods Rs.requery, Rs.resync didn't work. please help
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sorry i didn't realize this was the wrong forum! may be you should also have mentioned the right one.  please check if my previous question about enumerating records lines on data report is  also not in the wrong forum. cheers
Actually, I don't know why it's showing up in the Exchange forum, but once you click on it the top of the page shows VB DB, which would be correct. My apologies, but did my solution work?