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Can I import from a backup an exchange 5.5 store into a fresh install of exchange 2003?

I have a backup of my exchange 5.5 information store on a tape drive.  My server 5.5 crashed and I cannot restore the database.  I subsequently built an exchnge 2003 box.  I would like to know iff I can resore the 5.5 store into 2003 exchange
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Sorry but this is not possible, you will have to restore to an Exchange 5.5 System and then migrate to Exchange 2003.
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When i tried to restore it to an exchange 5.5 it would not mount.  Names did not match
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You definitely need to recover your Exchange 5.5 server first - no big deal

Try following these instructions and post back your errors if you do not get anywhere
I was able to use the ontrack software to recover my store.exe