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Omitting found records in a portal

i am trying to generate a report based on 2 tables
table 1 contains basic member info
table 2 contains financial data, multiple check entries for each member (monies given)
i can generate a report and in the report portal show all payments received
but i would like to omit the lines in the portal that do not match my criteria
for example i would like to show payments for 2008 and 2007 but omit any prior payments (for example 2006/2005) yet retain them in the database itself
i have noticed that using the data viewer when i step thru the portal rows if i omit record it omits the ENTIRE record and of course delete portal row deletes the data from the database altogether.
is this possible using a portal or should i choose an alternate method (listview for example)
i have already written a number of reports in the subsummary format but using a portal makes for nice neat billing statements because any overflow stays in the constraints of the portal
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i guess i will have to use a sub summary report
im trying to autogenerate dues statements ( run a script and print all active members dues on a form) and it works when i take it directly off of table 2 info  but when i try to go to table 1 and get a master list of all active members and omit the inactive ones i can show all the data but the portal doesnt seem to recognize the need to sort out years w/a global field
i guess the other option is just to leave all the data in the portal but only add the totals from the current year (or date range i choose) that way they can see the monies they have paid already but my report only looks for a date range
this could be helpful because the members can then see what they have paid and it should eliminate questions as to when they paid and what they owe because they can see a lot of it in the printed portion of the portal
> the portal doesnt seem to recognize the need to sort out years w/a global field
this must be done on the relationship itself. sorting is not finding...
table one has no "year to apply to"
table 2 does
i made a global field year to apply to and related it to table 2 year to apply to
i have another form that does single reports
as i said i need to see who is paying nothing also
if no payments are entered in table 2 the 1st report that i made only relayed to table 2 works and sorts the portal but doesnt show a member who hasnt made a payment which is why i want to go by the active membership lsit of table 1
indeed, it is impossible to display unpaid records if it is based on the year it's been paid.
I guess you should either have a fake year when it's unpaid or an extra field to reflect this. yuo would then sort bypaid/unpaid + year
im actually almost done
i display all the data in the portal
choose the year (usually current year)
then cycle thru the portal lines picking out the payments for the year im interested in
leaving all the past payments showing in the portal ( 12 lines of data that will show)
so if they have a dispute or question all the info is there to reconcile there records
and that makes my life much easier
does it call the lawyer automatically??!!
you could also have a separate portal for late due unpaid records, that is no payment date and current date > due payment date for instance. juts need the tricky relationship to rely on.
im 95% done now but i have a strange problem when i assign a variable an amount
say 162.50 it returns 162.00 and drops off the .50
a variable is only a text content in fm. when putting numbers in them, there are considered as integers.
try using double quotes or encode the decimal point as "|" when storing, and repalceing back when using it.
not handy... in this case, you'd better use a global numeric field instead of the variable.
that was next on my list to try ive already made a table for global search parameters so its no big deal to add a couple more and remove those variables out of the script

im catching on pretty quick and thanks for the pointers
heres another strange one


when i use the div(Table1::Amount per Year :;  4 ;) the result i get has no decimal

but when i use the simpler  Table1::Amount per Year : / 4 ; i get precision

for example 650/4-162.50 the Div command returns 162 not 162.50
you haven't read the doc mate!
div returns an integer, not a decimal number.
i was trying to find that doc but they seem to think its so simple most places i look dont adress it

but im prob not looking in the right place i would imagine

but bottom line it it works now

next i add something to print all the envelopes for the found records and im done
press F1
search for DIV
and that's it!