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Error: Object Required

I've been getting this a lot.  Go to a webpage, i.e. Facebook.  Get error message.  May be different line, different Char. and/or code, but it often says "Object missing."

How do I figure out the object that's missing?  Why is it missing?  Where do I find it?

Ok, so that's 3 questions in one, but I'd really like to understand what's going on here.  I've decided to relent, will be formatting and reinstalling my OS in next day or two in an attempt to gain back some sanity and start fresh, but it can only help for me to understand this problem going forward in case I run into it again.  (Perhaps real soon, but I don't want to consider that possibility right now.)  Thanks!
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Try removing all add-ons in IE 7, then restart IE 7 and go to the  webpages that you have been having problems with.
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How do you remove all add-ons in IE 7?
Open IE7 go to tools, manage add-ons, Enable or Disable add- ons, Then disable all add-ons that are currently disabeld in IE7. just highlight the add- on and click the disabled button.
I've googled it, can't find the answer.  Also, are you suggesting I avoid add-ons altogether, since they can mess up the whole works?  (I suppose you are saying it would be specific ones, but try to figure out which, right?)  

I know I added Silverlight a while back, and I'm starting to think that may have been the beginning of several annoying instances, however, I've been unable to log into several websites for some time now.  Anyway, sorry for rambling, it still comes down to my question about whether add-ons are worth it all, and how do I go about removing them.  Thanks!
Thanks, I'll give it a whirl, will let you know how it goes...
Just about to restart IE7.  Wow, there were about a dozen there, several of which looked kind of important.  Is this a case of re-enabling them one at a time to see what works and thereby figuring it out by the process of elimination?  
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Ok, thanks tboy.  And to think, I still have to go to work, all this computer stuff is time consuming!!!  And I thought I loved technology...  what's the best way to research an add-on's compatibility BEFORE adding it?  I think that I'll follow another experts advice going forward, and use system restore to my advantage....
The best way to find out if a particular add-on will work is to google it, and find out if there any issues out there. Other then that there is no list...
tboy, how's this supposed to work; am I supposed to award the points, as i'm doing here -- even though I haven't gone through the process of doing it?  Thing is, I THINK what you've suggested will work...

anyway, thanks for your help!
Good, good, thanks again!
Your Welcome! If the solution doesn't work you can go into community advisor, and i think you can have the points refunded...Hopefully it does work!!
Actually, when I logged off to close IE, msg came up "an add-on is needed" just to log off!!  Problem is, it doesn't tell me which one!!!  
go into task manager and end the process iexplorer.exe, there should be no add-ons needed to close IE7
Uh oh.  First glance, I tried to log into Facebook and it didn't work.  Same dealio, no offense, tboy, I'm going to try posting it again with the exact error message this time.  If you want to pursue it further, that's fine, I'm just getting ahead of the game.  I have no problem with you getting the points anyway, unless it's against the rules or something.  I'm also still going to work with my add-ons to see if they add/remove functionality or create issues.  Thanks again!

 Internet Explorer:  
Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly.  In the future, you can display this message by double-clicking the warning icon displayed in the status bar.  

Line:   20
Char:  108
Error:  Object required
Code:  0

Hmm in IE go to tools, internet options, advanced, are these two chocies checked?
Disable script debugging ( internet explorer)
Disable script debugging ( other) ?
Also on that advanced tab, click on reset, then try again.