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MS-Project -- Account for Man-Hours

I'm just getting familiar with MS-Project.   I have a simple question about allocating resources in the software.

Let me provide an easy example (see snippet below):

As subtasks 1.1 and 1.2 were done sequentially, it took 2 days to complete them.   Hence, MS-Project shows "16 hours" for Task 1.
As subtasks 2.1 and 2.2 were done simultaneously, it took only 1 day to complete them.   Obviously, it requires 2 resources to do that.   MS-Project shows 8 hours for Task 2.

From a "project length" perspective, it takes 3 days (16+8) to complete the project.   From a "man-hour" perspective though, I need to charge 32 hours though.  

How can I change the settings in MS-Project that I can do both a) estimate project length, and b) estimate # of man-hours?    

Thank you,
Task 1 -- 16 hours
Subtask 1.1 -- takes 8 hours (03/03)
Subtask 1.2 -- takes 8 hours (03/04)
Task 2 -- 8 hours
Subtask 2.1 -- takes 8 hours (03/05)
Subtask 2.2 -- takes 8 hours (03/05)

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Right click you column headings at the top and add the WORK column. This will add up hours and roll up to the main task level.
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I've inserted the WORK column.     All values (hrs) stay at "0".  

Also, under "Tools | Options | General tab", I've set "Default Standard Rate" = "$100.00".   I then added column "Actual Cost".   This one, just like "Work", does not calculate the rate e.g 8 hours * $100 and then show $800.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you added actual resources? You have to assign a resource to the task to get it to update. You can go to the resource sheet view and enter the people that are working on your project.
Ok, I've added some resources.   Then I added 1 individual to "Meetings".  

While "Work" now shows the same # hours as "Duration" does, the "Actual Cost" still does not show any $$ figures.

Is "Actual Cost" the correct field?   What if (like in this case "Meeting") more than 1 person attend the meeting?   So, if 4 members attend a 2-hour long meeting, I need to keep track of 8 man-hours?

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Ah, both solutions work like a charm.

Thousand thanks!

Not a problem...can be a frustrating program when you are starting up for sure.

I've posted another question... do you have any recommendations?