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Cannont join domain with //server/connectcomputer wizard

I am trying to join an XP workstation to my SBS domain. The SBS server is a brand new build of an existing server, with the same name. I have the workstation and new server connected to the same switch, but they are not on the existing network. When I try using //servername/connectcomputer the wizard does not start. But, if I use the //FQDN//connectcomputer it does start. I go throught the wizard and get an error configuring network connections. I ran dcdiag and the only error is on services. ISmserv service is stopped. If I try to join the domain through the My Computer method, I get an RPC error. I uninstalled DNS and reinstalled it. Currently the server is not connected to the internet, but the 2nd NIC is enabled. The workstation has two NIC's in it, and the wireless one is disabled. So I am curious about the netbios name not working, but am really just concerned on how I am going to join workstations to this domain once I switch out the old server box.
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I sorry about the basic questions, but did you?

Create a domain ex: did you run the dcpromo wizard
Are you configuring in the workstation the dns of the server?
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Yes, I ran dcpromo. And I am providing the dns info to the workstation.
Can you ping the server?
Can you open a share in the server?

If you can´t open a share try to disable isa stopping the firewall service and try to connect to the domain!!
Yes, I can ping the server and open shares. One thing I noticed is that in the address leases in DHCP there are 10 addresses leased by the server. Might be another question needs to be opened. But, maybe it has something to do with it.
Actually those addresses are for RRAS I believe
did you try to insert the full FQDN domain when you insert the machine in the domain

Not sure what you are asking. I used the FQDN for the server in //servername/connectcomputer. The workstation name does not have a domain name (example for it when I added the computer to the server.
ok, let me see you have a windows 2003 domain, right?
It should be something like
When you tray to insert a machine in the domain you should insert the domain name not the server name !
I think there is some confusion. I have a Windows 2003 domain, yes. But, it is a SBS box. To join a domain, you go to the following URL..http://servername/connectcomputer. This way of joining the domain actually does more than just join the domain. There is other functionality that comes out of it. And when I use the wizard that runs when you go to that URL, it gives me an error that there was an error configuring network connections. When I, just for grins, tried to join via My Computer method, I did put in the domain name and came up with the rpc error.
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It was the RPC Filter. When I disabled it, I was able to use the connectcomputer wizard for joining a domain.