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Outlook 2003 fails to start via a roaming profile unless user account is a a local administrator


1. I upgraded  Server 2003 from workgroup mode to Active Directory .(.all went well)
2. I created Roaming profiles for some users ....(profiles are loading as they roam except for desktop background)
3.  Users have Outlook 2003 with PST data file  (pop3  - no Exchange server)
4. I put the user  PST files on the server and I manually set the data file  path via Outlook to ->.  path =  \\Server1\HomeDir\User. . all works well on User PC
5. Worksation OS = Windows Xp Pro w/spk2

The Problem:
When the user starts  to roam , everything seems to work (logon script, Word , Excel, access to server mapped drives.   However Outlook fails to start with error "Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook"

- If I go to the PC that the user tried to logon to and  set the roaming user account as local administrator then outlook loads and works.

Not sure where to go from here.

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check under active directory users and computers->user properties-> profile tab

are you saving home file on locally or remotely on server... it should be on server if its roaming...
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Hi rehanahmeds:
Thansk for quick reply. Here is what is in the profile tab

Profile Path = \\Server\Profiles\User
Logon Script = StandardLogon.cmd

Home Folder
Local paht = not checked grayed out
Connect = M: to \\server\Homedir\user
M: to \\server\Homedir\user

do the user have write access on this folder... pst file will be saved under

\My E-mail\Outlook

in that users home folder
in outlook

goto File -> Data File Management

see if its saving pst file on network or locally...
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1. Yes the User has full access , he can create and delete files and folders. and is the owner as well

2. Actually I created a folder in the users home directory called "MSMail" and copied the PST file to it.  I then manually set the data path in Outlook to ->  \\Server1\Homedir\user\Msmail\mailbox_User.pst

So, yes outlook is saving (using) the pst on the network not locally

It works on his PC  where his AD user account is a local Administrator , and it will work on a roaming PC also if  I grant his AD user account Administrator status  (Just not power user which is the default)

his username is member of poweruser group in AD??
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I made a terrible error. Thank God its only on my test platform. I think the profile was corrupt. Here is how the events unfolded.

When my server was in workgroup mode there were already test users created and the workstations had office installed and outlook setup and working

After I converted to AD. I didn't want to setup outllook account info,favorites and desktop  on the test users PC.'s  again. So after I added the computer to AD and logged on to the Domain for the first time  a new folder was created in "Documents and Setting\" reflecting the AD account.  So now there are two user  folders called " User" and " User.domain" .

 I logged in as a local Admin on the workstation and copied  the "user" folder to the "User.domain" folder thus corrupting the "User.domain" profile.  I'm a idiot !

I guess the real question is how can I copy the same  user profile that was previously in a workgroup to a user that is now in a domain
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