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Computer Name has no Domain association

I have a Small Business Server 2003 SP2 that keeps getting Event ID 1058 & 1030. In KB887303, it says to check the DNS settings. The only DNS resolver on the server is setup to itself. Should I have an external DNS listed? I have 2 adapters that are bound together as a BASP Virtual Adapter.

The other problem I see is in the Full Computer Name there is no domain on it. On all my other servers the full name is Server1.Domain.LOCAL. On this SBS, it only has the server name Server1. (with the period). Is this normal for SBS? It does have the domain named below it.

I think these issues are related, I just don't know how to fix.
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Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> switch do Computer Name -> change button -> more -> type in correct DNS suffix (like domain.local). Let me know if this helped.
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I'm a little concerned about changing the name. When I clicked the change button I get the following message:

Domain controllers cannot be moved from one domain to another, they must first be demoted. Renaming this domain controller may cause it to become temporarily unavailable to users and computers. etc...

This is our only server on that site and it has to be available for the users. Should I get an expert on site to try and fix this?
Dont worrie about changing the dns suffix of the server, whats its meaning in that is you can change the the domain the server uses and since your not changing this dont worrie about it, also ensure that your net card is resolving the correct DNS suffixe. You can check this by going into properties >> Internet Protocol >> Advanced >> DNS >> and place the dns suffix of the domain you are using in the bottom one. You can do this by clicking add and then stick your domain in e.g

Hope this helps

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Forgive my ignorance, but when I select 'Append these DNS suffixes (in order)', should I use

WillI have to restart the server for this to take effect?

I also noticed that 'Use this Connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration' is NOT checked. Should it be?
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Yes, it is. I'll make the changes later this evening after everyone's gone and let you know what happens.

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I have it configured as you stated. Only time will tell if it fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.