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ESX Server 3.0.2 - Raid Configuration

I've a Dell 2950 server with 6 300gb 15k hot swap drives which I'm going to install ESX Server on. I'm in the Dell Systems Pre-Build utility and its asking how I want to setup my Raid configurations prior to installing ESX? What would be the best way to approach this?

All virtual machines and data will be stored locally on the server and I would like some level of redundancy in case one of the drives fail. Thanks
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I was thinking of that, but didn't know if another method would provide better perofmance with an equal amount of redundancy:

I can choose between raid 1 / 5 / 6 / 10

Raid 5 with all drives will be my config unless someone things 10 might be better?
Would think RAID 5 would be best for this situation.
See the link listed below re RAIDs:
I am installing ESX 3.5 on a new Dell 2950.  I configured my server with (2) 73GB 15K RAID1 for the utility partition and ESX files and (3) 300GB 15K RAID5 for the actual VMs and their files.  In your situation I would hate to waste (2) 300GB Drives RAID1 for just ESX.  

Be aware of installing ESX 3.x on a new server using the Dell tools.  Even though it allows you to choose ESX server as an OS installation, it will fail.

Go to Dell's web site and this article to work around it:

Good luck