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RPC over HTTPS: Authentication login windows

Hi All,

I have successfully configured RPC over HTTPS (via Outlook 2003) on a number of company laptops. The only issue now is that a login window now appears when opening Outlook 2003 requesting Domain\username details. This seems to happen within the company LAN and when outside of it (which is annoying my boss slightly). Is there any way to save this login information rather than having to type it in each time Outlook is opened? I have tried using the 'Remember my password' check box but this doesn't seem to save the login details. At the moment, I have configured Basic Authentication in our RPC over HTTPS setup.

Any information appreciated,

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I orginally did configure the laptops using NTLM authentication but still got the login prompts. They wouldn't accept the domain\username credentials in that scenario.
Go to Step 4 - "Getting Outlook to remember the users password" of this document:

I think that the solution is here:

The first time Outlook connects to the Exchange server it will prompt the user for a username and password. This is the users domain account username and password. Unhelpfully, although theres a tickbox for Remember password, Outlook wont remember it for the next time that you connect. This means that every time the user fires-up Outlook theyll have to enter their domain password before Outlook will connect to the Exchange server.

Whats actually happening is that Outlook is remembering the password for the back-end Exchange server (where the users mailbox is located), but its not able to remember the password for the front-end Exchange server (or the proxy) which Outlook connects to before connecting through to the back-end server.

The reason for this is that the front-end password is actually a Windows password, not an Outlook one, and its tied to the users Windows account. You therefore need to create this username/password combination manually as follows. Its slightly different for Windows XP and Vista, but the rough principle is the same.

Once the user is logged-in, go to Control Panel, User Accounts. If youre using XP then now go to Advanced -> Manage Passwords. If youre using Vista then its simply Manage your Network Passwords. Now follow the steps to add a new username/password combination for the Front-end Exchange proxy:

For the laptops that I am configuring we have multiple domain users on each machine. How can I configure using the 'Stored Credentials' window above to configure multiple users to access the same exchange FQDN? After looking into this, it will only store a single username and password against a single network/FQDN address. Any info appreciated.
I will have to some testes ... i will post anything that i find.
What should be the configured authentication options on the front end exchange server (proxy)? At the moment I have 'Basic' and 'Integrated Windows Authentication' configured.
Like I said above, it sounds that we have very similar environments, I use NTLM for everything and my users never get prompted for a password..
The NTLM doesn´t work in all firewall´s and if the machine that are trying to access do not belong to the domain it will not work.
So this is way i generaly use Basic. But if don´t have any of this problems you can try use NTLM