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Migration Problems

I am having a number of issues trying to do an Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007 migration.  The existing environment is a native Win2000/2003 domain running Exchange 2k.  I ran through all the AD and domain prep work. Exchange 2007 is installed on a new server which is not a domain controller.  When I tried to install Exchange 2007 the first time it got hung up because it detected a Windows 2000 DC and it only wants 2003 DCs.  I demoted all 2000 DCs and retried the Exchange install and it seemed to go well. any mailbox stored on the new Exchange 2007 server can only send mail to another mailbox on the same server.   Nothing routes to the old server or to external addresses.  I ran though the OWA config but going to the OWA website gives a "440 Login Timeout" error.  I've tried a number of different things to get this working but it seems like the connectors needed for this kind of setup are usually created by default, but my install snafu may have screwed that up.  I've also tried a bunch of things to get OWA working for easier testing of the new server to no avail.

If anyone could steer me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
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Try to use the Mail wizard

Read this article:
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Exchange 2000 doesn't seem to have the Mail wizard.  Right now the Exchange environment is one Exchange 2000 server which houses all the client mailboxes and everything is working normally for them, and the new Exchange 2007 server that will be replacing the 2k server.  Internet mail works fine for the email clients whose mailboxes are on the 2k server, but not he 2k7 server.
sorry your are talking about exchange server 2007
you need to configure some issues...
Let me find the article
You can see this article that probably will solve your problem
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