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CPU Allocation on Virtual Server 2005 SP2

I understand that with MS Virtual Server 2005 SP2 each virtual server can only access one CPU.  My question is with a system that has dual quad core processors how is the CPU usage allocated?  i.e. Does the host use CPU 1, then VS1 use CPU2, VS2 use CPU3, and so on?  How do I ensure that the host OS and all virtual servers aren't using the same CPU?
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The virtualizer handles distrubuting the threads and resources based on how you've configured the virtual machine, and attempts to balance those resources.
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Erm, meant to say "You can't really...".
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Ok - So one VM can't use any more than a single CPU capacity.   It isn't actually delegated to a physical CPU.  
But with a machine with dual quad core processors the max a single VM can access is 12.5% of the total CPU capacity of the machine.  Until you add more than 8 VM's you shouldn't run into one VM stepping on another VM's toes.  Of course the host OS is using part of the CPU power too.

That is correct. With Dual Quad Core (Host sees 8 CPUs), each VM gets only 12.5% of the total power because that is exactly a power of 1 CPU (100/12.5 = 8).