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Multiple Storage Groups a good thing?

Good afternoon -

I work in a medium sized firm with about 80 users.  We are on an Exchange 2003  active/passive (2) node cluster.

Right now, for the most part, everyone is in one mailbox store, within one storage group

We also have Anitgen installed on both nodes.

It seems like I'm always battling memory issues even though i have 4GB RAM installed and the 3GB switch configured.

Exchange 2007 64bit is gonna be nice!!

Anyway, my question is this..

 I'm thinking of taking advantage of the three other Storage Groups, creating a total of (4) Storage Groups each with 3 mailbox stores.

With each storage group running it's own ESE engine, is this going to improve performance or make it worse?

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Thanks Paka

Well  - our page file use is very high (3.8GB)  My page file resides on the C: drive and i have it set to min 2GB - max 4GB.  
Perhaps i should increase the pagefile max?

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The max page file you can use on c: is 4095 per:

You can put additional page files on other volumes if needed, but there must be something wrong with your rig.  When does your online maintance and backups run?  

Have you run the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer on your system?
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Maintenace was set from 12-4.  I changed it to run 1-5 for both SGs.
My tape backup was finishing Exchange at 12:50.

Ah....Have not seen this Best Practices tool..
cool   :)

Is the Best Practices analyzer something that u can run during business hours?
Yes, the ExBPA can be run during the daytime (business) hours. Also let it periodically check for updates.

MS recommends running it periodically (monthly in my case), and before you call them for an issue.
The mainenance is set to run from 1-5.  Just to make sure - that is AM isn't it?  Since tape backups can vary in time, I would suggest moving the maintenance to an earlier time and run the backup afterward.  On-line mainenance will run during it's defined window (plus 1 hour for defrag) so schedule your backups to start at least one hour after the end of the maintenance window.

Backups do weird things to on-line maintenance...

When did you monitor your system and see the high page file usage?
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Yep - 1 to 5 am  My tape backup finishes with Exchange at 12.
I can look, at it at any random time throughout the day and see the high usage.

I think the culprit is Antigen.  Uses about 1GB of RAM.  Called them yesterday and unfortunatley there is not much we can do to decrease that usage...

Ran the BP analyzer yesterday.

Reported that my page file is too big (but it's not - it's 4GB.

It also reported that my Antigen is scannig the Public Folder Repl file.

One thing we can do is move the page file to it's own virtual partition on the box....Not sure if this will help.  Right now it's on the C:
We can also make the min and max the same size so the page file gets less fragmented...

If your on-line maintenance didn't get to complete because of backup/maintenance overlap, you might see high disk i/o for a while.