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How do i read a mini-dump file to find out what caused the blue-screen?

I  have gotten a blue-screen multiple times on a new PC that I built. I know the error is listed in a mini-dump file (attached) but i don't know how to read / comprehend the data inside. Could someone let me know how to read the file and possibly let me know what is causing the blue-screen?

I cannot attach the file because of the extension... Is there a way i can convert it to a log or txt?
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if you would like to learn it on your own......

The Offline Crash Diagnostic tool for Windows XP is available

BSOD Hell & How to Fix it

If you get Dumps, then the Windows Debugger is usually adequate to read the crash dumps...Takes a little practice though....


Use the Microsoft Symbol Server to obtain debug symbol files
(so you dont need the full symbol packages for each OS, and SP....)

Some of the most basic commands....

!analyze -v

Should be enough to get you started....Use the built in help feature of WinDbg, its a great resource...
But yes, you can also .zip them up to upload them here.....
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.zip isn't allowed.... already tried that.

I would like to learn on my own...but for this one, I would rather just get some experts on it....time is kinda an issue.

Any other suggestions as to how to upload the file?
.zip should be ok here.....

EE's older site prior to them integrating uploads directly in the thread...

Can also try a .txt file...
Awsome. I uploaded it to ee-stuff. The direct link is :
THanks in advance for all your effort / help.... it is greatly appreciated.
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Hmm.... Ok, ill try that. The drivers that were installed were the latest and greatest (downloaded today). I did notice the stop error occuring everytime i opened the Hardware monitor to the video card (nTune i believe is the program)... Is there any good way to help ensure these blue screen's don't happen in the future? Would a burn-in test help?
If you have the latest driver, I would step back a few versions... Might be the new driver causing it....

Look in teh archived versions....