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Mobile features in exchange system manager missing

Our exchange system manager seems to be missing the mobile features.  I believe we have the latest exchange service pack 2.  However it does not show the update in add/remove programs.  But our main problem is restoring the mobile features in our exchange 2003 server.  Is there any way to do this without needing downtime?
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you cannot find it under global settings?
Make sure that Exchange SP2 is installed. When I can't see the options I normally find it is not SP2.
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Busbar, correct I cannot find it under Global Settings.
Mass2612, I just installed Exchange SP2 again last night hoping that it would fix the problem.  The installation said that it completed successfully.  Still no signs of any mobile features.  I believe the root of the problem is coming from this Event...
3/3/2008  15:17:29
Computer: HDA04
Monitor Title: "Event Log Errors" (Type=Event Log Monitor)
* Event Time: 3/3/2008 3:15:42 PM
* MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify Error Event
* Event ID: 10301
* OMA Categorizer is unable to initialize.  The initialization function returned error code '0x80040920'.

A simple google brought no resolution up for this ID and source.  Any suggestions?
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Any update on this guys?
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Closed, 500 points refunded.
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